Oil Changes in Pflugerville, TX

Serving drivers in Pflugerville with quick and professional oil change service.

Lamb’s Tire & Automotive performs fast oil changes using the highest-quality Valvoline motor oils. Whether you need synthetic oil for better protection in severe weather or a synthetic blend to protect a high mileage engine, our certified professionals make sure the job’s done right.  

What to Expect During Your Oil Change Service

When you bring in your vehicle for an oil change in Pflugerville, our team will perform a checklist of essential services including:

  • Properly lubricate your vehicle chassis.
  • Fill up to five quarts of high-quality Valvoline motor oil.
  • Install a new oil filter.
  • Check and fill engine fluid levels, as necessary.
  • Rotate tires when requested.

Our certified mechanics take the time to go over your vehicle with a careful eye during a routine oil change service. In typically 30 minutes or less, your vehicle will be ready to go. Before you leave, we’ll detail all the work performed and if any other issues were noted during service.  

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Synthetic vs. Conventional Motor Oil

Our pros get asked everyday what type of oil is right for a particular vehicle. The answer is, it can depend on the type of vehicle and its present state. Each high-quality type of Valvoline oil we carry is made to help an engine run better, longer but for the best performance a Valvoline Synthetic Oil cannot be beat. We will be glad to recommend the type of oil that’s best for your car or truck.

Oil Change Intervals

Texas weather can be severe. Large temperature swings, dust, ice, and other variables all place a heavy burden on your engine oil. Engine oil protects your vehicle from friction and high temperatures but over time its ability to do this deteriorates as sludge builds up.

Taking into account the Pflugerville, TX weather and driving conditions, a good oil change interval schedule for our area is once every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first. 

Concierge Service for Your Oil Change in Pflugerville

As a service to our customers, we offer a free concierge service for locations within three miles of our Pflugerville, TX service center. We’ll pick up and return your vehicle after services are performed all free of charge. Our customers’ safety, security, and peace of mind is paramount which is why we offer this free vehicle delivery program.

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Make your vehicle happy with a clean and professional oil change service at Lamb’s Tire in Pflugerville. Our team is proud to serve our friends and neighbors with the superior level of service they deserve. Schedule an oil change appointment online now.

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