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Providing fast, professional tire service and repair in Pflugerville since 1987.

Lamb’s Tire & Automotive in Pflugerville carries a complete selection of brand-new tires from the top manufacturers. We also provide expert tire maintenance services and tire repair. 

Tire Repairs and Maintenance

Lamb’s invests in state-of-the-art facilities so that our customers get the benefit of the best service experience possible. Tire repairs and maintenance services are performed by certified professionals, working with the best tools and equipment possible.

Tire repairs and maintenance services include the following and more:

  • Tire rotation: Tire rotations are a vital part of your maintenance schedule and can greatly help to prevent uneven or excessive treadwear. This in turn helps you get a longer useful life out of your tires and further protects your investment. 
  • Tire balancing: Out-of-balance tires can cause a host of issues including uneven treadwear. Using advanced equipment, our ASE-certified technicians dial in the perfect balance for your tires.
  • TPMS indicator: When your TPMS indicator goes off, it can mean underinflated tires or other issues. Our technicians can work to quickly pinpoint and fix issues related to the TPMS.
  • Flat tire repair: A flat tire needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Driving on a flat is very dangerous and can ruin the wheel. When it’s safe to do a tire repair, our team installs plugs and seals as specified by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) safety guidelines.

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New Tire Sales and Installation

We make shopping for new tires in Pflugerville easy with our online tire shop. View our entire inventory and find the right tires to fit your vehicle. If you have any questions, our technicians stand ready to help walk you through which tires would be best based on your driving habits.

Browse the new tire inventory, compare tire specs, check out, and even schedule your installation appointment all online.

Signs It’s Time for New Tires

Uneven or excessive treadwear, vibration in the floorboards, and pulling to one side or another can all be signs that something is amiss with your tires. Our ASE-certified mechanics will evaluate the cause of your tire issues and will recommend the appropriate tire repairs or maintenance service to fix the issue. When an issue cannot be safely fixed, the best course is always to install new tires.

Getting the Best Deal on New Tires

For the easiest way to get great deals on new tires and tire repairs, check out the Lamb’s coupons page for all the latest offers. Signing up for the Lamb’s email list will also get you exclusive specials and promotions sent right to your inbox. 

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