Tire Services in Round Rock, TX

The best way to extend the life of your tires is to keep up with regular maintenance. Services such as having your tires rotated and your alignment within proper range helps you prevent uneven wear, increase fuel efficiency, and keep you and your passengers safer on the road. At Lamb’s Tire & Automotive in Round Rock, our experienced tire technicians can take care of all of your tire service needs and recommend the maintenance schedule that’s right for your car or truck. 

Our Round Rock Tire Services

Tires are affected by a number of factors, including sudden stops and other driving habits, road conditions, changes in temperature, and more. Regular care lengthens the life of your tires, and industry standards say tires should be rotated every 5,000 miles. Your tire warranty can provide additional information and Lamb’s tire experts can help, too. 
Routine tire maintenance includes:

  • Checking tire tread for wear
  • Rotating tires
  • Repairing flat tires
  • Balancing tires 
  • Checking tire pressure
  • Aligning the wheels
  • Inspecting wheel bearings
  • Checking the Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) service

A Tire Repair or Replacement?

A flat tire is both inconvenient and dangerous. Here are some things to consider when you need to decide to repair or replace that tire that has been damaged:

  • A tire can be repaired as long as the puncture is ¼ inch in diameter or less and it is in the tread.
  • A punctured tire has to be replaced if the damage is in the sidewall or shoulder of the tire. 
  • If you run through an area of nails and pick up more than one, you can get the tire repaired if the punctures are at least 16 inches apart. If not, ask your Lamb’s Tire & Automotive tire specialist to help you pick out another tire.
  • Generally, tire damage like large cuts or tread separation that is the result of a crash means you should search for a “tire shop near me” and then head over to your Lamb’s auto repair shop in Round Rock to pick out a new tire. Your family’s safety is too important to take a chance with unsafe tires on your vehicle.

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When You Need New Tires, We Can Help

If you have tire trouble that can’t be repaired, our ASE-certified technicians will help you pick out the best tires for your vehicle. 

The Tire Industry Association, as well as most vehicle manufacturers, recommends replacing all four times at once. But if that isn’t possible and you buy only two tires, the experts recommend the new tires should be installed on the rear and the partially worn tires moved forward. Our technicians will be glad to give you guidance on tire replacement.

Make sure that you are getting the most value for your money by checking out our coupons page. You will find savings on brakes or brake-related services as well as many other repair services.

Whatever your tire needs, Lamb’s Tire & Automotive can help. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and honesty, and the qualifications of our technicians.

Concierge Services

We understand how imperative it is that your vehicle is in proper working order. Because of this, we are introducing a new program designed with your security in mind.

The Lamb’s Delivery Program is a no-cost concierge service to help you eliminate unnecessary trips outside your home. We will pick up your car from your location (within three miles of Lamb’s) and return it to you free of charge after services have been completed.

Your peace of mind is as important to us as it is to you. We promise to continue to do everything in our power to eliminate uncertainties and make your life easier. We hope that the Lamb’s Delivery Program demonstrates our commitment to you, ensuring that you can safely be on the road when you need to be.