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If you are looking for the highest quality auto AC repair near you, drive into Lamb’s Tire & Automotive Lakeway location. Your vehicles will get professional, reliable auto AC repair and service at an honest price. 

Regular AC Inspections Save Time and Money

Don’t be left in the hot Texas heat without your car AC working at peak efficiency. Set up a schedule for routine AC inspections that will prevent system failures and more expensive repairs later.  

A Lamb’s AC inspection includes:

  • Temperature tests 
  • Leak inspections
  • Coolant pressure check
  • Hose fittings & compressor check
  • Performance test
  • Filter check

Our professional service staff will help you set up a regular schedule of inspections. After each inspection, you will be given a free written estimate of any work that is recommended or needed. It’s better to identify small problems before they become big problems that can leave you stranded with no air conditioning. 

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Vehicle AC Systems Are Complex

Your car’s AC system consists of the compressor, receiver and dryer, orifice tube or expansion valve, and filters. It’s a complex system and when it malfunctions, an expert is needed to diagnose the problem. Let Lamb’s AC specialists keep you riding around in comfort.

Two of the most common fixes for a faulty AC system: 

Change the AC Filter 

This action generally has an immediate effect on your AC system. The filter can get  clogged with debris, which makes the blower motor work harder. The harder it works with no resolution the more likely it is to overheat. Eventually, the blower will fail completely.

When your AC system doesn’t allow cold air to pass through the vents into your car, you turn it up to compensate. Your fuel economy falls, too. A clean AC filter is essential to making the entire AC system work properly. 

Did you know that there is an inside cabin filter, as well? But it is located in a difficult area to access. Let Lamb’s AC technicians check the cabin filter and change it, if needed. This can enable your system to work at peak performance.

Recharge the AC Compressor 

Many times a car AC recharge is all it takes to get your system working efficiently. The AC compressor in the system, along with the drive belt, provides the power to move the coolant through the whole system. A complex process changes the coolant from gas to liquid and back to gas. Low levels of coolant can eventually cause failure in the system or it could become contaminated, which will hinder it from doing its job.

For the purpose of staying cool, all you need to know is that the coolant has to be replenished (recharged) periodically. Our AC specialists will advise you when it is time for a recharge. 

Save Money at Lamb’s

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Don’t wait until the heat of summer, book your AC repair book your AC repair appointment now! 

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