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Best Place to Buy Tires in Austin, TX

As an Austin resident, you deserve nothing less than the best tires and the best tire deals available. You can be guaranteed of quality results in this part of Texas by choosing Lamb’s Tire & Automotive whenever you need new tires or tire service.

Are you curious about the tire brands we have in stock? You won’t need to visit one of our tire shops in person to get started. Instead, take a look at our online tire selector.

On the other hand, you can still stop by to get our professional recommendation for new tires and a quick price quote. Either way, you’ll have a chance to buy tires from trusted brands like Goodyear, BFGoodrich, and Kelly Tires—just to name a few.

The Lamb’s Tire Shop Difference

Finding a place to buy tires in Austin, TX shouldn’t be a hassle, especially since there are all kinds of auto and tire shops in the region. But that can be as much of a drawback as it is a benefit—not all of these shops are equally skilled and reliable.

If you need a truly great Austin tire shop, your best bet is Lamb’s Tire. We deliver:

  • An unmatched legacy. Lamb’s Tire has been there for Austin drivers for decades—our business has been active in the area since 1987. We’ve built a rock-solid reputation among Texas drivers over the years, too.
  • ASE-certified mechanics. If you’re an Austinite looking for the best of the best in the auto repair industry, you’re looking for technicians who have received ASE certification. That’s true for all of the mechanics working at Lamb’s Tire.
  • All sorts of auto services. Even if you only need tire service right now, that might not be the case months or years in the future. You’ll be ready for whatever happens tomorrow by choosing Lamb’s Tire today.

Look No Further for Tire Service

Tire sales are a big part of what we do here at Lamb’s Tire, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Our tire stores also offer a full slate of tire repair services to our valued customers. These tire services include, but are not limited to:

Tire Balancing

If your car’s tires become imbalanced, your vehicle will suffer the consequences, ranging from vibration to uneven tread wear. When this happens, you’ll need to get tire balancing services from the expert mechanics at Lamb’s Tire. Our team can check your tire weights and attach weights to your wheels to ensure they all weigh the same.

Tire Alignment

Each tire on your car should be able to meet the road at a specific angle, but this isn’t always the case in practice. Because of that, you should check your wheel alignment at least once or twice annually (or more often if you’ve recently driven over potholes or curbs). At Lamb’s Tire, we can quickly bring your tires back into alignment.

Tire Rotation

Tire rotation may feel like a small task, but it’s crucial to the continued well-being of your car’s wheels. If you don’t rotate your tires regularly, they can wear out unevenly (and more quickly than they would otherwise). Choose Lamb’s Tire to provide the tire rotation service you need to avoid consequences like reduced gas mileage and compromised safety on the road.

Tire Repair and Replacement

If one or more of your tires is actively losing air, it’s not just an annoyance. Instead, this could cause a blowout if left unchecked for too long. When you notice a tire leak, bring your car in for tire repair—or, if necessary, tire replacement.

Extend Your Tires’ Lifespan

These days, tires are built to go the distance—literally. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can afford to neglect your wheels’ well-being. You can protect your tires in Austin by following these simple tips:

  • Keep your weight ratings in mind. If you’re thinking about hauling heavy loads, be aware of your tires’ weight ratings first. And if you plan on carrying these loads regularly, consider getting in touch with us to buy tires with a higher weight rating.
  • Stay safe on the road. Sometimes, potholes and other road hazards are unavoidable. Still, there are things you can control while driving, like traveling below your wheels’ recommended maximum speed and not braking suddenly whenever possible.
  • Don’t neglect your alignment. Wheel alignment has just as much of an effect on your tires’ well-being as tire balancing. To keep your tires in excellent shape for years to come, check your alignment a few times per year.
  • Get tire rotation taken care of. Ideally, you should take care of tire rotation every 5,000 miles. That way, you’ll allow your tires to wear evenly while preventing dangerously deep wear at certain tire spots.
  • Keep up to date on tire balancing. A minor wheel imbalance may not sound like a big issue, but a slight difference in weight can have surprisingly substantial consequences. To avoid uneven tire wear and steering wheel vibrations, ensure your tires are perfectly balanced.
  • Be aware of your air pressure. At least once a month, you should check your tire pressure with a specialized gauge—and if your tires are underinflated (or overinflated!), be sure to get your tire pressure back under control. If you put high mileage on your vehicle, you might need to check your air pressure more often than this schedule implies. It’s also wise to check your tire pressure before going on a lengthy trip.

When Do You Need New Tires?

Following these steps can significantly extend your tires’ lifespan, but even the best wheels won’t last forever. Follow these steps if you think your tires may be on the verge of wearing out:

  • Look for foreign objects. Objects like nails, pieces of glass, and small rocks can easily become embedded in your tire treads. If these objects puncture your tire treads, you may have a problem on your hands.
  • Inspect your treads. This involves checking your tread depth, which isn’t as complicated as you might think. Just insert a penny into your treads with Lincoln’s head facing down—if you can still see the top of the head, it means your tread depth is under 1/16” and your tires are ready for replacement. On top of that, check for signs of tread wear, like an abnormally worn-out tire edge or (on radial tires) exposed steel.
  • Do a visual inspection. In this part of the process, keep an eye out for red flags like cracks, punctures, slices, or bulges. If you spot damage to a tire sidewall, be sure to set up an appointment at your nearest Lamb’s Tire location.
  • Check your tire pressure over time. This is different from checking your tire pressure right now—instead, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on how quickly your tires lose pressure. Usually, tires should lose about one pound of pressure per square inch every month. Losing pressure more rapidly than that could indicate that you need new tires.

Save Big at Our Tire Shop

No one in Austin wants to overpay for new tires or tire service. At the same time, Texas drivers shouldn’t neglect their tires—even though taking care of them comes with a cost.

The best way to protect your tires without paying too much for tire service is to find a genuinely trustworthy tire store in this part of Texas. At Lamb’s Tire, we aim to be Austin’s top choice for tire service. Because of that, we offer all kinds of tire coupons to give our customers the savings they’re looking for! And if you need more support to pay for your tire repair or replacement, take a look at our financing options.

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