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Tune-ups can extend the life of your vehicle by replacing engine parts that are vulnerable to deteriorating. The majority of automobiles need to have tune ups every 30,000 miles. Lamb’s Tire & Automotive offers quality inexpensive tune ups, as well as other auto repair services.

A complete tune-up done by a knowledgeable specialist consists of:

  •  Replacing the air filter
  •  Switching out the gas filters
  •  Putting in new spark plugs and replacing any type of worn ignition system cables
  •  Checking the distributor cap and putting in a new one if one is required
  •  Inspecting the blades and installing a brand-new blades if the old one has fractures, burning or carbon build-up
  •  Checking the valve-cover gasket and adjusting the valves
  •  Inspection and topping off all fluids
  •  Switching out Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve, if plugged

What they do: Normal tune-ups may protect against future engine complications, while recognizing and replacing worn out parts. Keeping a regular tune-up timetable will help your vehicle last much longer, sustain a higher gasoline mileage, and boost efficiency.

Why service is very important: Many vehicles have parts that are known to break over time. These parts are scheduled for maintenance during specific manufacture benchmarks, approximately every 30,000 miles. While these components may last longer than the suggested time frame it is wise to have them looked at on a regular basis. If these components are not looked at on a consistent basis and a mechanic tune-up is not performed then a major issue could occur.

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Routine Automotive Tune Ups Protects the Life of Your Car

If your automobile is having problems such as:

  •  Poor fuel mileage
  •  Slower efficiency
  •  Engine sounds appears: knocks, or pings
  •  Minor electrical issues
  •  Ventilation concerns

Lamb’s Tire & Automotive offers quality Automotive Tune Ups

Preventative upkeep and tune-ups may go a lengthy way in preventing loss of money over the life of your automobile. Schedule an appointment for a tune up today at Lamb’s Tire & Automotive to stop usual car issues and extend the life of your car! Call Lamb’s Tire & Automotive today to book your next Tune Up auto repair service. Lamb’s Tire & Automotive is proud to be your number one auto repair center and provider of tires.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are driving an older vehicle or a newer vehicle with a more sophisticated computer-controlled engine, a tune-up is an important part of preventative maintenance for any vehicle. The specific services tune-up services you’ll need depend on exactly what type of car you have and how old it is. In older cars, the ignition timing needs to be adjusted or “tuned” periodically for optimal performance. In newer cars, the timing cannot be manually adjusted since it is computer-controlled so other components are replaced or adjusted. Either way, a tune-up is a preventative maintenance task that helps keep your engine running its best.

In general, a car tune-up is a two-part service that focuses on the main systems and components of your engine that determine how the engine starts and how it runs. For example, the ignition system and fuel system are both main focuses of a tune-up service. The first part of the service is the inspection of the components and the second part is the actual replacement or adjustment of components as needed to ensure the engine receives the right proportions of spark, air, and fuel.

Getting a tune-up service done on the manufacturer’s recommended mileage intervals will help your vehicle run at its optimum condition. It will also provide the opportunity to catch any worn parts or minor issues before they become major problems. 

Schedule your appointment now for your car tune-up with our ASE-certified technicians at Lamb’s Tire & Automotive.

If you have started to notice that your vehicle isn’t running like it used to, it may be time for a car tune-up. There are some specific things to pay attention to that would indicate that it is definitely time to bring your vehicle in. These include:

  • Dashboard warning lights: Dashboard warning lights are there to alert you to a problem. Some of the lights may indicate minor, quick-fix issues. But if you are seeing your Check Engine light illuminated, bring your vehicle into your closest service center as soon as possible to avoid having a simple problem turn into a large expense. 
  • Unusual engine sounds: If you start to notice unusual sounds like knocking, pinging, or squealing, this could be an indicator of a problem. Bring your vehicle in to have an expert technician determine exactly where it is coming from.
  • Hesitation when accelerating: If you press your foot on the gas pedal and the car hesitates for a moment before going, it may not be getting the proper power, fuel, or airflow that it needs and may need a tune-up.
  • Engine stalling: If you experience your vehicle unexpectedly stalling, it could be due to ignition issues, a fuel pump issue, or a lack of power from the battery. Get your vehicle to the nearest service center as soon as possible.
  • Bad fuel mileage: If you suddenly start needing to get gas more often and your fuel efficiency has diminished, there’s probably an engine issue that should be checked out.
  • Engine misfiring: A misfire happens when one or more of your engine’s cylinders fail to provide power to your car. When this happens, you may feel a loss of power and a shaking sensation. A bad ignition, a problem in the fuel system, or an engine defect can all cause an engine misfire. If you are experiencing a misfire, bringing your vehicle in for a tune-up as soon as possible is essential. An unattended misfire can cause much more expensive damage to your vehicle.

If you are experiencing any of these things, schedule your appointment for a car tune-up at Lamb’s Tire & Automotive as soon as possible. We can help you prevent further costly engine damage and keep your vehicle running in its best condition. 

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A comprehensive tune-up, like the one we provide at Lamb’s Tire & Automotive, includes fluid inspection for several important fluids running through your vehicle. These include:

  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Antifreeze/coolant
  • Engine oil

All of these fluids are vital to your vehicle and keep components working as intended. During a tune-up, the condition of these fluids will be inspected to determine if they need to be replaced or should just be topped off to optimal fluid levels.

Bring your vehicle into any one of Lamb’s Tire & Automotive’s convenient locations for your tune-up today.

Quite often yes! As part of your vehicle’s ignition system, the spark plugs are usually one of the first things that are checked during a tune-up. Spark plugs do need to be changed periodically to maintain proper firing conditions for the engine ignition, including the “long-life” plugs at some point. 

The important thing to look at with spark plugs is the gap between the center electrodes and the side electrodes. Every time a plug fires and the high voltage current jumps between two electrodes, it wears away a little bit of metal from both of them. Over time, the sharp edges on the center electrode become rounded and dull as well. 

As spark plugs wear, more voltage is required to jump the gap. If the vehicle’s ignition system can’t deliver the required voltage, the plug may begin to misfire. Also, sometimes, deposits can accumulate on the plug’s tip and interfere with reliable ignition. Usually, by the time the average spark plug has run 45,000 miles, it’s getting close to the end of its life. The “long-life” spark plugs made of platinum or gold-palladium alloys will usually last longer, often 100,000 miles, under optimal conditions.

Schedule your tune-up appointment today! The ASE-certified technicians at Lamb’s Tire & Automotive will check and replace your spark plugs as needed and help keep your engine firing properly.

It is very important that the vehicle’s filters are included in preventative maintenance. Vehicles have several different filters to help keep contaminating particles out of the most vital components. This goes beyond just the air filter. If any of the filters become too dirty or clogged it can cause much more serious engine issues very quickly. That is why changing your vehicle’s filters is usually included in a tune-up. 

Your vehicle’s filters include the oil, fuel, air, and cabin air filter. Your oil filter should be changed during each oil change, which will/should happen more frequently than a full tune-up. But if your oil filter has not been changed in a while, it will be changed during your tune-up service.

Even “lifetime” fuel filters in some newer vehicles will not always last a vehicle’s whole lifetime and need to be checked. If you end up with a tank of bad gas or corrosion from moisture accumulation the fuel filter will need to be replaced.

Your engine air filter and cabin air filter also need to be checked and replaced as needed during a tune-up. Both of these work to filter the air running through your vehicle—one filters within the engine and one filters inside of the car. Over time, they can easily become dirty and no longer able to properly filter the contaminants from the air. Jeopardizing both your engine’s performance and the air-quality inside your vehicle.

Having clean filters throughout your vehicle improves engine performance and efficiency. Schedule your tune-up appointment today at your closest Lamb’s Tire & Automotive location to ensure your engine can breathe and properly provide the vital fluids to keep it going.Make sure to check out our coupons page to help save you money on your next visit.

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