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Electrical systems are responsible for starting your engine and running your electric components such as windshield wipers, radio, headlights, power windows, and engine fans. Lamb’s Tire & Automotive has top-quality electrical systems inspections including alternator repair, and car battery replacement, as well as a variety of auto repair services in Austin, TX at affordable prices!

Elements of Electrical Systems Austin, TX Alternator Inspections

Why service is necessary: Issues can be pinpointed early and determined to be battery issues, cable or belt problems, or also the alternator itself. To prevent more failures of your electrical system, a bad alternator can easily strain the battery power, as an example, see to it that you expect indicators of electrical troubles and address all worries before they create additional repairs.

Your automobile’s electrical system is made up of a complex connection of circuits and your battery that makes, stores, and disperses power where it’s needed. The electrical system is additionally vital for starting the engine in addition to specific safety components like headlights and blinkers. Much of your electrical system routine maintenance can be done by our in-house mechanics.

In the course of a car battery assessment, our mechanics check:

  •  Total vehicle battery and case condition
  •  Cable connections
  •  Hold-down hardware

Examining the starter means:

  •  Inspecting cable connections
  •  Examining mounting bolts and brackets

A Starter Electric “Draw” Test, to examine the amount of electrical energy needed to turn the engine over the engine over. Examining the alternator indicates:

  •  Conducting a general aesthetic examination
  •  Checking the drive belt
  •  Examining the positioning brackets
  •  Examining electric hookups
  •  A Charging System Examination to make sure that the alternator present and voltage are to the manufacturer’s requirements

Lamb’s Tire & Automotive Alternator Repair in Austin, TX

Our mechanics are happy to respond to all of your electrical system concerns. Call right away or visit our auto shops in Austin and the surrounding cities to arrange your next alternator inspection or other auto repair service in Austin, TX. Lamb’s Tire & Automotive is also a trusted Austin tire shop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your vehicle’s alternator is responsible for recharging and maintaining your battery as it powers your vehicle’s electrical system. Because we perform car alternator repair in Austin on a regular basis, we see the common causes for alternator failure all the time. Here are the most common causes for alternator failure:

  • Faulty diodes
  • Worn belt
  • Defective pulley
  • Malfunctioning voltage regulator
  • Worn bearings
  • Alternator overloading

Regardless of what has happened to your vehicle’s alternator, Lamb’s Tire & Automotive is capable of performing the necessary repairs to get your vehicle back on the road. We perform alternator repair and alternator replacement services on all make and model vehicles to ensure that — no matter what is wrong with your vehicle — you can trust our facility for trustworthy auto repair services.

For an untrained professional, replacing an alternator can be quite difficult. Not only is this because this type of service requires expert knowledge and care, but different vehicles have their alternators located in different areas of the engine bay — which can make it very difficult to reach and perform this service. Some vehicles, like heavy-duty trucks that have electrical loads, even have two alternators.

However, at our auto shops, our ASE-certified mechanics are trained to perform alternator repair in Austin for all make and model vehicles. Whether you drive a sports car, a sedan, or even a heavy-duty pickup truck, our mechanics can accurately diagnose and perform alternator repair or alternator replacement services for your vehicle. If you suspect that your vehicle needs alternator repair or alternator replacement, we encourage you to schedule a service at Lamb’s Tire & Auto.

Typically the time that it takes to perform a car alternator replacement will be between one and four hours. However, the exact amount of time that it will take for our professionals to perform your car’s alternator repair or replacement will depend largely on the make, model, and location of your vehicle’s alternator.

When you bring your vehicle into our facility for alternator repair or replacement services, our experts will first diagnose your vehicle to ensure that your alternator is, in fact, defective. There have been instances where drivers have brought their vehicles into our service facility for alternator repair and, instead, they needed car starter replacement services. This is why our professionals perform a diagnosis on your vehicle before we perform any type of repair services.

Problems with a bad alternator can present themselves in various different ways. Without your alternator, your vehicle would run on battery power alone without being recharged. If your alternator fails completely, your vehicle can run for a little while until your battery completely dies. Usually, just before your vehicle completely dies from lack of electrical power, you may notice that all of your dash lights illuminate as your vehicle slowly shuts down.

Having a bad alternator can present certain symptoms that are often overlooked:

  • Dim lights
  • Illuminated check engine light
  • Illuminated battery warning light
  • Strange noises from under the hood
  • Burning smell
  • Sluggish vehicle performance
  • Vehicle will not start
  • Electronics won’t work

The cost of a new alternator will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle as well as the amount of labor that goes into its replacement. Some vehicles use relatively inexpensive alternators that are located in easy-to-reach areas of the engine bay. These types of vehicles will cost the least in order to replace them. However, vehicles with heavy-duty alternators, or vehicles with relatively expensive alternators that are located in difficult-to-reach areas of the engine bay, will cost more.

In order to get the most accurate estimate of alternator replacement for your vehicle, we recommend contacting Lamb’s Tire & Automotive for a quote. It’s important to note that this quote is only an estimate, and we will be able to give you an exact quote after we physically diagnose your vehicle. This is because some drivers may believe that they need alternator repair services, but in fact their alternator may need to be replaced altogether. Other times, the culprit isn’t the alternator at all and could be an electrical or other type of issue that’s causing problems.

If your vehicle’s alternator has gone bad, the time that your vehicle will be able to remain on the road is very limited. If your alternator is not able to recharge your battery, your vehicle will only operate until your battery dies. While there is no exact estimate of how long your vehicle can travel with a bad alternator, if this part has malfunctioned on your vehicle, it’s essentially a ticking timebomb that is guaranteed to disable your vehicle if not repaired soon.

Even if you jump-start your vehicle, it may not be able to operate for very long. This is because, with a bad alternator, your vehicle can’t power its own electronic system. Because virtually every modern vehicle uses electronics to power the fuel pump, engine computer, and other accessories, a vehicle with a bad alternator may not travel very far before it is completely disabled.

In order to get the most accurate reading on whether or not your vehicle has a dead car battery or a defective alternator, we recommend that you allow an ASE-certified mechanic to properly diagnose your vehicle. Some drivers may inaccurately diagnose their vehicle and believe they need car starter repair or other unnecessary services. However, here is an easy way to tell whether  your vehicle’s battery is dead or if your alternator is defective:

If your car battery is at the end of its life:
If your battery has died due to, perhaps, your lights being left on, or if your battery has reached the end of its life, your vehicle may still accept a jump-start. As long as your engine is running, your alternator will provide power to your weak battery, which will keep your vehicle running until you turn it off again.

If your alternator is bad:

If your vehicle’s alternator is defective, your vehicle may be able to be jump-started; however, your vehicle may stall soon after the jumper cables have been removed. This is because your battery is already in a weakened state and your alternator is not able to provide the voltage necessary to help it maintain its charge.

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