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Although many other tire centers only provide tire installation services and others only offer balance and installation services, Lamb’s Tire & Automotive is a full-service tire center. In addition to our wide inventory of tires, you’ll find a full selection of tire services for you to take advantage of: 

Make Us Your One-Stop Tire Shop for All Your Tire Needs 

At Lamb’s Tire & Automotive, all of your tire services are conveniently located under one roof. If your vehicle needs a replacement tire after a recent blowout, a new tire mount, or if you’re due for tire maintenance and need all four tires replaced, our experts are here to handle all of your tire-related needs. 

Because we are a full-service tire center, you never have to search elsewhere for tire services. From tire repair to tire maintenance, we simply do it all. Schedule an appointment at Lamb’s Tire & Automotive today and enjoy expert tire installation from certified tire experts. 

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Importance of Tires

Because your tires are the only components of your vehicle that actually come into contact with the road, your tires must be not only of good quality but also in good health. Your tires are tasked with providing grip on the road so that you can safely accelerate, brake, and handle turns while maintaining control of your vehicle. This principle is even more important in inclement weather, such as rain, snow, and even sandy and dusty conditions.

At Lamb’s Tire & Automotive, not only do we feature a full selection of tires for all sorts of vehicles, but we also feature an expert team of Austin mechanics who can help you pick the right size and type of tire to best suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to keep your OEM tires on your vehicle or you’re looking to upgrade to a set of tires that better meets your driving demands, our experts can help you pick the perfect set.

If you’re looking for a specialized set of tires, or perhaps tires that we don’t have in stock, we can even place an order for you to quickly get them installed on your vehicle.

Understanding Tire Typesstack of four car tires

Not all tires are the same, and not all tires are made to address the same needs. While most vehicles come from the factory with all-season tires that are designed for the average driver, other drivers need more specialized tires to handle their driving needs. Here are a few of the many types of tires that we install at Lamb’s Tire & Automotive:

All-Season Tires

As we’ve mentioned, all-season tires come standard on most passenger vehicles. These tires are designed to deliver a smooth, quiet ride while providing dependable traction all season long. 

Summer Tires

Summer tires offer enhanced grip in wet and dry conditions; however, they differ from all-season tires. Summer tires are generally made of a softer rubber compound than all-season tires, so they sometimes will wear faster. Additionally, these types of tires are optimized for warm weather use, so they are not suitable for snow, ice, or low-temperature conditions. 

Touring Tires 

Touring tires are designed to deliver all-season traction; however, they feature enhanced handling over all-season tires. Touring tires generally have a higher speed rating than all-season tires and are typically installed on performance-oriented vehicles. 

Electric Vehicle (EV) Tires 

EV tires are designed with minimal rolling resistance in mind. These types of tires are designed to be inflated to a high PSI, handle heavy electric vehicles, and provide a quiet ride. These tires usually have some type of sound-deadening foam inside them to provide the quietest ride. 

All-Terrain Tires

Typically installed on SUVs and off-road vehicles, these types of tires feature larger tread blocks for a more sure-foot grip in low-traction conditions. These tires are suitable for four-wheel-drive vehicles and pickup trucks. 

Off-Road Tires

Off-road tires feature aggressive tread blocks for ultimate grip in harsh conditions. This includes mud, snow, gravel, sand, and dirt. Off-road tires are not the most suitable tires for everyday use. These types of tires often translate to reduced handling on the road and reduced fuel economy in exchange for added traction off-road. 

Trust Lamb’s Tire & Automotive for All of Your Tire-Related Needs 

We don’t just balance and install tires; instead, we provide a full-service experience, so you can always schedule an appointment knowing that you’re coming to the right Austin tire shop. Whether you are shopping for new tires or need trustworthy tire services, look no further than Lamb’s Tire & Automotive. 

We offer fast and friendly customer service and work to answer all of your questions so that you enjoy a transparent experience with us. We also provide exceptional service coupons that help you save money while enjoying service that you can trust. Schedule an appointment at Lamb’s Tire & Automotive today and enjoy expert tire installation services so you can drive all year long with peace of mind.

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