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There is nothing more uncomfortable than driving with no AC. If it has been a while since you’ve had your AC system checked or you suspect it might not be working as well as it should, a search for the best car AC repair near you will bring you to the Lamb’s Tire & Automotive shop in Round Rock.

During our AC inspection, our ASE-certified technicians will:

  • Check the interior vent air temperature
  • Exam the cooling system pressure
  • Inspect radiator coolant level, hose pipes, pressure cap, and thermostat
  • Examine the compressor belt
  • Check for leaks or other damages
  • Adjust the air conditioning pressure to producer specifications
  • Test for refrigerant holes

Ask one of our technicians or service personnel to add a routine AC inspection to your other regular maintenance. This will save you time and may eliminate expensive car AC repair bills later. 

Signs Your AC System Needs Service

If you notice one or more of the following, it can be an alert to trouble ahead:

  • Rattles, clicks, and fluttering sounds: These noises could mean that a leaf or something more serious is caught in the system or it might mean the condenser needs attention. 
  • Water on the floorboard or areas that feel wet inside the car: A drain or hose might be blocked, which leads to condensation backing up inside the car.
  • Musty smells inside the car: If condensation is building up inside the car, mold and mildew can begin to grow in the system. 
  • AC indicator light illuminated on the dashboard.

It is tempting to ignore problems like these, but it’s better to pinpoint the problem before a small repair becomes a larger, expensive problem. A small problem might be fixed quickly, while a problem ignored often means your vehicle could be in the shop for longer periods.

Check out our coupons and savings page on a regular basis. The promotions change often, so check for current offers after you book your appointments. 

More Convenience and Value

Our free Concierge Service is a convenient way to save time. When you book your appointment, indicate you want to use the Concierge Service, too. Our staff will pick your car or truck up (within three miles of the shop) and bring it to our location for you. After servicing is complete, your car will be sanitized and cleaned at all contact points and then returned to you.   

The best car AC repair near you is at Lamb’s Tire and Automotive in Round Rock.

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