Car AC Repair in the San Marcos, TX Area

If you’re a driver in San Marcos, the best A/C repair near you is right around the corner at Lamb’s Tire & Automotive. Having your vehicle’s AC system inspected on a regular basis will save you time and money later. Why wait until it fails? 

Add a regular AC check to your list of other maintenance services at Lamb’s. Our expert technicians will make sure the system is working properly. A problem may be as simple as the need for a recharge of the system. 

If there is a larger problem, we will consult with you on the best course of action to take. It’s better to catch small problems early than to leave you without any AC unexpectedly.

Vehicle AC Basics

Your car’s AC system is a complex system made up of a compressor, orifice tube or expansion valve, a receiver/drier (accumulator), plus other parts all working together. It’s hard to pinpoint a specific problem when the system malfunctions.  

Our ASE-certified technicians will use the latest high-tech equipment to determine the problem. Then, a free quote will be generated so you can decide what to do. It’s why Lamb’s Automotive is the first choice for car AC repair in San Marcos and the surrounding area. 

Save Time and Money with Regular AC Inspections 

Lamb’s full-service inspection includes checking the following:

  • The level of coolant in the radiator determining the need for a car AC recharge
  • Your vehicle’s AC levels against manufacturer’s specifications 
  • The temperature in the passenger cabin 
  • Pipes, cap, and thermostat for damage
  • Refrigerant lines and hoses for leaks
  • The pressure in the cooling system
  • The compressor belt for wear

The purpose of this inspection is to pinpoint problems before you notice anything is wrong. 

Lamb’s is committed to giving you added value whenever possible. Check our coupon page for savings on your oil changes as well as other services.

Signs Your Car’s AC System May Need Service

Even if your car’s air conditioning system hasn’t yet started to blow uncooled air, there are early signs of problems, such as:

  • Water collecting inside the car. Look on the floorboards inside the car
  • Rattling or fluttering noises coming from under the hood
  • Weak airflow
  • Unpleasant odors 
  • An illuminated dashboard indicator light

If you notice any of these issues, bring your vehicle to Lamb’s Tire & Automotive in San Marcos soon. 

Free Concierge Service 

We know how valuable your time is, so we offer a free Concierge Service. We will pick your car up at home or your office (within three miles of our shop) and bring it in for your scheduled service or repair. After the work is completed, the car will be cleaned and sanitized for your safety, when it will be returned to you. It’s as easy as that.

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