Tire Shops in Austin: Five Things You Should Know

Tire Shops in Austin

It’s no secret that your vehicle relies on its tires to get from point A to point B. With that in mind, it’s crucial to get the best tires you can afford—and that means finding the best tire shop in Austin. After all, not every tire store in the area is as reliable as Lamb’s Tire & Automotive. If you choose the wrong tire shop, you may end up having to settle for steep prices, limited services, and poor workmanship when you need tire service.

When selecting a tire shop, it’s important to spend some time weighing out your options first. To get you started on your Austin tire shop search, here’s our list of the five things you should know when finding a top shop equipped to handle your tire needs.

1. Know Your Tire Shop’s Reputation

Have you found a tire shop in Austin that’s only been operating for a year or two? Chances are, it’s in your best interest to look elsewhere. The reason for this is simple—if a business hasn’t been around for a while, it hasn’t had time to build a strong reputation. Instead of rolling the dice by choosing a newcomer, it’s a good idea to find a more established tire store in the area.

For over three decades, Lamb’s Tire has been the go-to tire shop in Austin. Since 1987, we’ve worked with countless satisfied customers and have truly become part of the local community. With a reputation like ours, you can’t go wrong by bringing your vehicle into our tire shop.

2. Know Your Tire Shop’s Employees

A business is only as good as the people working there. As a result, one of the most important factors you’ll need to consider when choosing a tire shop is how skilled its employees are. If a tire shop in Austin isn’t willing to be upfront about its employees’ qualifications, consider this a major red flag!

Instead, you should seek out a tire store with employees who are qualified for the job and have a strong work ethic. At Lamb’s Tire, our technicians are Automotive Service Excellence-certified. That means you’ll get the high-quality service you deserve from a business that’s committed to treating its customers well.

3. Know Your Tire Shop’s Services

Ideally, your tire shop of choice should be able to provide all the tire services you need. For example, no one wants to go to separate businesses for tire maintenance and tire repairs. Make life easier for yourself and avoid this hassle by choosing a tire shop in Austin that can do it all.

Lamb’s Tire is proud to offer a wide range of tire-related services. Whether you need basic tire rotation to keep your current tires in good condition, minor repairs, or more in-depth services like wheel alignment and tire balancing, we can take care of it for you!

4. Know Your Tire Shop’s Prices

If a tire store you’re looking at isn’t willing to talk about pricing until after a job is complete, don’t even give them the time of day. By obfuscating the costs associated with tire work, untrustworthy Austin tire shops can easily nickel and dime their customers. While some jobs are naturally just more expensive than others, you shouldn’t have to face sticker shock.

The best way to avoid this practice is to find a tire shop in Austin that’s willing to provide free quotes for its customers. Based on your vehicle and the services you need, Lamb’s Tire can provide convenient online quotes for you. That way, you’ll know just what you can expect to pay well before our work begins!

5. Know Your Tire Shop’s Deals

In addition to offering transparent pricing, the best tire stores in the Austin, TX, area help their customers save even more. That’s certainly the case at Lamb’s Tire—we constantly provide coupons and other exciting specials. Our deals change regularly, so if you see one that fits your needs, don’t wait too long to use it!

That’s not the only way we help Austin residents save, either. When you get vehicle repair/maintenance services at Lamb’s Tire, you can also enjoy services like battery checks and tire pressure checks free of charge.

Choose Lamb’s Tire For Great Service

Lamb’s Tire & Automotive is the Austin area’s most reputable tire shop for these reasons and others—and we’ve held this title for decades. If you need any tire or automotive services, schedule an appointment today!

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