Car Air Conditioning Repair in Bee Cave, TX

Maybe your vehicle isn’t blowing enough cold air or perhaps you want your A/C inspected to make sure it will help keep you cool when mercury rises. In either case, if you’re searching for “car AC repair near me” and you live by Bee Cave, bring your car or truck to Lamb’s Automotive. Our trained technicians will perform a thorough A/C inspection. 

As part of this comprehensive inspection, we will:

  • Check the interior and blower.
  • Inspect multiple items, including radiator coolant level, hose pipes, pressure cap, and thermostat.
  • Examine the compressor belt.
  • Inspect for system leaks.
  • Look for any additional damage.
  • Perform an examination of the cooling system pressure.
  • Contrast air conditioning pressure against producer specifications.
  • Test the A/C system for refrigerant holes.
  • Check the air temperature of the interior vent .

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Auto A/C Repair Services in Bee Cave

Stepping into a hot car under the brutal Texas sun makes you long for ice-cold air, and today’s vehicle air conditioning repairs are more complex than they used to be. We’re here to help!

A/C Inspections and Repairs

TheASE-Certified technicians at Lamb’s Automotive are trained to pinpoint what’s causing your problem and then focus on repairing it as quickly as possible to get the A/C system blowing comfortably cool air. Whether you need an A/C recharge or some other service, we’re ready to handle all of your auto A/C repairs. 

Cabin Air Conditioning Filter Replacement Services

Your system’s performance can suffer if your vehicle’s cabin air filter is clogged. It can force your blower motor to work harder than it should, overheat, and even fail prematurely. Plus, with a clogged filter, the flow of air is interrupted, causing you to turn the A/C up even higher to cool down. This, in turn, has a negative effect on fuel economy. Fortunately, our technicians can replace your filter and help get your auto A/C system back to functioning normally. 

Convenient Concierge Service

To make your service appointment hassle-free, we’re offering Lamb’s Delivery Program. If you live within three miles of one of our locations, we’ll pick up your vehicle, perform the necessary services, and then return it to you at no charge.

We understand how important it is to have your vehicle in good working order and your peace of mind is important to us. We’re committed to making our services easily accessible so that you can stay on the road.  

Choose Lamb’s Automotive in Bee Cave

This is the number one choice for auto repair in Bee Cave, including A/C repair. We’ll get your car as cool inside as it can be! Stop by or book your appointment online.

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Bee Cave Car AC Repair FAQs

What car AC repair services does Lamb’s Tire & Automotive offer?

Whether you are in Bee Cave or near one of our other locations, Lamb’s Tire & Automotive has the skills and tools to help with any car AC repair you may need. With our comprehensive inspection, our crew can quickly diagnose and treat any auto AC issue that you may have. We service and inspect everything from your compressor to your hoses, fans, and air filters; we refill your Freon, check for any leaks, and correct the cabin temperature in your vehicle. Our team of expert car AC repair technicians can help keep your auto AC running smoothly and keep you at a comfortable temperature.

What is that noise coming from my auto AC?

There are a few different reasons that your auto AC unit may be making a strange noise. Because a well-running unit should not be making a strange sound, it is typically an indicator that there is an issue that may need car AC repair. Some of the reasons you may be hearing a strange AC noise are:

  • An issue with the compressor
  • An object is lodged somewhere in the system
  • An issue with the condenser

Any of these issues require auto AC repair or service of some kind and should be attended to as soon as possible. If you need auto AC repair, book an appointment at Lamb’s Tire & Automotive in Bee Cave and let our team check, recharge, or service your auto AC.

Is the dampness on my floorboards because of my car AC?

While there are a couple of reasons that your floorboards could be damp, if you have been using your auto AC lately, it may be the cause of the moisture in your floorboards. One of the ways your auto AC unit works is to remove the moisture within the cabin, dehumidify, and drain. When this is functioning correctly, the excess moisture in the cabin is removed and drained to the outside of the vehicle. However, sometimes this function is impeded by a blockage in the system, and it causes the excess moisture to be deposited within the cabin. While the damp floorboards are just a symptom of the main issue, the excess moisture could lead to more serious issues such as mold, mildew, and poor air quality in your cabin.

Is all car AC service expensive?

Many different issues may need attention with your auto AC, but not all will result in an expensive car AC repair. Most auto AC repairs are quite manageable and cost-effective if you stay on top of regular preventative maintenance such as:

  • Auto AC recharge
  • Refilling Freon
  • A basic evacuation
  • A thorough cleaning of your system

Here at Lamb’s Tire & Automotive in Bee Cave, we understand that an unexpected auto AC repair can throw a wrench in your budget, so we often offer coupons and specials to help you save on the cost of your car AC repair or recharge. Whether you need car AC repair or simply a car AC recharge, we make it both affordable and easy to have the service you need.

When should I replace my auto AC air filter?

While this will vary based on how much you drive, the type of car you own, and the air quality of your area, your owner’s manual will tell you exactly when it is time to change your air filter. When you bring your vehicle to our auto shop in Bee Cave for auto AC repair or service, we can inspect your air filter and let you know when we recommend replacing it or if it’s still in good condition.