Auto AC Repair in Cedar Park, TX

There is nothing worse than turning on the AC in your hot car and it isn’t blowing cold air. You could take the time to search for “car AC repair” or simply turn to Lamb’s Tire & Automotive’s Cedar Park location for fast, expert service. 

Whether a simple car AC recharge is all you need or more extensive repairs are necessary, our ASE-certified mechanics will inspect your system and get you back on the road in comfort.

Our Cedar Park AC services start with an inspection, including:

  • Inspect coolant level, blower, belts, hoses, pressure cap, filter, and thermostat
  • Check interior temperature
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Look for damage to the system
  • Check pressure in the cooling system
  • Confirm manufacturer specifications
  • Test for refrigerant holes in system

Interior AC Filter Replacement Services

The filter for your car’s AC system can become clogged over time. If the filter isn’t replaced, it can cause a series of failures of your entire AC system.

  • The blower motor works harder, which causes overheating and then failure.
  • A clogged filter interrupts the air flow and you turn the AC up higher. 
  • Fuel economy is affected by any of these issues. 

Lamb’s Tire & Automotive technicians can check the filter quickly and replace it if necessary.  

AC Repairs And Warranty

Today’s vehicles, including the AC system, are more complex than ever before. Lamb’s Tire & Automotive in Cedar Park has the top diagnostic and repair equipment and car and truck AC experts. We’ll quickly assess the problem and clearly explain it to you, and provide a free estimate. An AC recharge may be needed or your system may need parts replaced or even a total overhaul; in any case, we can help!

Whatever your auto AC repair needs are, you will be back on the road the same day in most cases. And all our repairs carry a nationwide warranty of three years/36,000 miles. 

To get even more value, check our coupons before you come in for your car AC repair appointment. 

Regular Maintenance Is the Key

Like any other system in your vehicle, regular maintenance is the key to optimum performance. Each year, your car’s AC can lose about five percent of its efficiency. As you routinely maintain the other systems in your car, add your car’s AC system to the list. Ask our service staff for advice on how often to schedule regular maintenance of your AC system so that your busy days aren’t unexpectedly interrupted.

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Concierge Service Adds Value

We aim to make your car's maintenance or repair work as hassle-free as possible. If you live or work within three miles of our location, we offer our Concierge Service. We will pick your car up, service or repair it, and then return it to you. Your vehicle will be  sanitized at all contact points before it is returned to you.

There is no extra charge for our concierge service. You can arrange for this service at the same time you schedule your appointment or simply call your local Lamb’s Tire & Automotive location.

Cedar Park Car Air Conditioner Repair FAQs

What repairs and services does Lamb’s Tire & Automotive offer for car ACs?

Lamb’s Tire & Automotive in Cedar Park is equipped and ready to take care of any auto AC repair you may need. With our diagnostic tools and expertise, we can quickly assess the issue and handle the recommended service or repair. Whether you need to have:

  • Your condenser replaced
  • Freon refilled
  • Air filters checked and replaced
  • AC recharged
  • A hose leak fixed
  • A drainage issue addressed

Our team has the tools and the skills to keep your auto AC cool and efficient. If you’re not sure what your car’s AC issue is, we can run a full diagnostic inspection to help determine what service you need.

Is it ok to use a car AC recharge kit from an auto store?

While it is safe to purchase and use an auto recharge kit from an auto store, we do not recommend using these as your go-to solution when you have an issue with your auto AC. Each vehicle is different and requires a specific amount of refrigerant in order to properly cool the cabin of your vehicle. It is impossible to determine the level of refrigerant that is in your vehicle without a full evacuation of the refrigerant, so if you use a car AC recharge kit from a store, you run the risk of overflowing your system and causing potential damage. To keep everything working properly, we recommend bringing your vehicle to a professional auto AC repair shop if you ever have any issues.

If my car AC is blowing warm air, will the repair be pricey?

There are a number of reasons why a car’s AC might blow warm air, and the necessary repair may not be very expensive. Your vehicle may be low on Freon and just need a car AC recharge, or it may need a simple auto AC repair.Though it is nearly impossible to diagnose an issue and give an estimate without examining your auto AC unit, here at Lamb’s Tire & Automotive in Cedar Park, we make it a priority to offer quality service at reasonable prices. No matter what car AC repair or service you need, our crew has you covered. If you’re experiencing issues, schedule an appointment today so our team can keep your AC running cool.

Why is my auto AC making a strange noise?

There are a number of reasons why you could be hearing an odd sound from your AC unit. Some of those reasons are as follows:

  • There is an issue with your condenser. When your condenser starts to fail, you may hear a whining or whirring noise from your auto AC.
  • There is an object stuck in your AC unit. If you start to hear some rattling or tapping noises, there could be a small object like a stick or pebble caught in your AC unit.
  • Your compressor may need to be replaced or repaired. A banging or clanking sound is a telltale sign that your AC compressor needs to be serviced.

An AC unit that is running properly should not make any of these noises, and it is important to let a professional inspect and repair any issue with your auto AC.

How do I know if I need to repair or replace my compressor?

A common issue for car AC that requires repair is a failing compressor. Though this is difficult to diagnose without inspecting the AC unit, one of the first signs that you need a new compressor is a strange whining or whirring noise when you start and stop your AC. A bad compressor will not last long once it starts to fail, so it should be inspected by a professional auto mechanic soon.