What Is a Transmission Flush?

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Care for Your Transmission at Lamb's Tire & Auto 

Your transmission is responsible for delivering torque from your engine and delivering it to your wheels. It ensures that your engine is spinning at the perfect speed to match your driving demands while optimizing your fuel economy. Because your transmission is such a complex, vital, and costly part of your vehicle, performing routine service on this component helps extend its life and promote vehicle reliability. Some drivers may not know how to care for their transmissions and may be unsure of what is involved with transmission fluid flush.

At Lamb’s Tire & Automotive, we are a trusted automotive center in Austin that can handle all of your vehicle's maintenance and transmission repair services. We provide expert transmission flush services that best protect your transmission, and we feature a team of ASE-certified mechanics to ensure that your vehicle is always in the best hands. Whether this is your first time hearing about a transmission flush, or your vehicle is due for service, we invite you to schedule an appointment today and allow our experts to protect your transmission with a transmission flush. 

Understanding a Transmission Flush 

When a transmission flush is performed, one of our mechanics will attach a fluid exchange machine to your transmission and begin to pump in new fluid. As new fluid is being pumped through your transmission, old fluid is being pumped out as it flows into the exchange machine. This service ensures that all of the old fluid and your transmission are thoroughly drained while fresh new fluid is introduced to protect your transmission best.

The Benefits of a Transmission Fluid Flush 

There are so many benefits to performing a timely transmission flush on your vehicle, as it:

  • Optimizes fuel economy
  • Promotes reliability
  • Lowers the cost of ownership
  • Avoids expensive repair needs 

Why a Transmission Flush Is Important 

Your transmission consists of a series of gears that allow your engine to transfer torque to your wheels at different ratios. Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, your vehicle may have as few as three gears or as many as 10. Additionally, some vehicles are equipped with a continuously variable automatic transmission or even a manual transmission. 

No matter what type of transmission your vehicle uses, it uses transmission fluid to lubricate, cool, and clean the gears and moving parts inside. Over time, as your transmission experiences many temperature fluctuations, your fluid can oxidize, get dirty, and even lose its protective properties. If your transmission fluid gets too dirty and can no longer protect your transmission, you may experience irreversible failure.

A Transmission Flush Isn’t the Same as an Exchange 

Sometimes, the terms “transmission flush” and “transmission fluid change” are used interchangeably. It's important to differentiate the two terms because they are not the same service. As explained above, when a transmission fluid flush is performed, new fluid is pumped into your transmission as old fluid is simultaneously being pumped out and into a reservoir in an exchange machine. This service removes virtually all of your old transmission fluid.

On the other hand, a transmission fluid exchange involves your drain plug being opened, which allows the old transmission fluid to drain out. Once the flow stops, the plug is reinstalled, and new fluid is poured into the system. The issue with this service is that your transmission features many nooks and crannies where dirty fluid can hide. As a result, this type of service may only remove as little as 40% of the total volume of your transmission fluid.

How Often To Perform a Transmission Flush 

We suggest that you refer to your owner’s manual to best determine your particular vehicle's needs. It l will detail your manufacturer's recommendations for how often you should perform a transmission flush on your vehicle.

Generally, we recommend that you perform a transmission fluid flush every 60,000 miles to promote reliability, efficiency, and dependability. 

Although we recommend this service every 60,000 miles, there are instances where you may want to perform a transmission flush more frequently.

These can lead to more frequent transmission flush services:


During off-roading, your transmission undergoes extreme strain. High amounts of torque from the engine are delivered to your transmission, which then has to fight against steep grades and other challenges as you conquer off-road trails. Because your transmission is constantly dealing with extreme levels of torque, it can cause it to get very hot and oxidize your transmission fluid. Many vehicles that travel off-road that are not equipped with sufficient transmission cooling will experience transmission overheating, which requires an urgent transmission flush.


Towing can put an immense strain on your transmission as it fights to pull the weight of your trailer. Its constant need for torque can make it very easy to overheat. This scenario is amplified when traveling up steep grades. If you tow regularly, we recommend performing a transmission fluid flush every 15,000-30,000 miles instead of 60,000.

Engine Overheating

Did you know that if your engine overheats, you can also end up damaging your transmission? In many car designs, transmission fluid travels to the radiator to be cooled. If your engine were to overheat, the hot fluid can also cause your transmission fluid levels to spike, which can lead to fluid oxidation. We recommend performing a transmission fluid flush along with any necessary repairs if your engine overheats.

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